Ezio Gribaudo | Biography 1929 – 1958
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Biography 1951

In Moscow, he visited the Pushkin Museum, where he vainly sought out the works of Wassilij Kandinskij, still state-censored. He however managed to see some of Kazimir Malevic’s masterpieces, preserved at the Tretiakova Gallery. Among his favourite models, Piero della Francesca’s luminary-spatial “theorems” and Andrea Mantegna’s classic syntheses. During a stay in Cannes, he visits Pablo Picasso, then living in Vallauris, a number of times. The Spanish artist was a true myth for all young artists....

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Biography 1956 – 1957

Personal exhibition at the “Cervino” Gallery in Vercelli. Another personal exhibition of traditional figurative paintings at the “La Maggiolina” Gallery in Alessandria. He takes part in the Turin “Quadriennale” exhibition....

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Biography 1958

He presents an early “anthology” at the “Circolo degli Artisti” Gallery in Biella, exhibiting 38 paintings, landscapes and figures, produced between 1954 and 1958, at least partly close in style to the tense and provocative  “atmosphere” of existential Realism....

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