Ezio Gribaudo | Biography 1959 – 1964
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Biography 1959

A significant synthesis of all the work carried out between 1957 and 1959 (figurative paintings) is exhibited in Turin at the “La Bussola” Gallery, with an introduction to the catalogue by Luigi Carluccio. He also successfully takes part in the “Premio La Spezia”....

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Biography 1961

At a personal exhibition held at the “Cavallino” Gallery in Venice (the catalogue introduced by Michel Tapié), he exhibits “Memorie” and symbolic images achieved with mixed techniques. He takes part in the joint exhibition “Giovani Pittori in Piemonte” held at the Olivetti “Centro Culturale” in Ivrea. Three paintings representing the “Martiri di Belfiore” are commissioned by the “Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento” in Turin, where they are still on view today. The biggest novelty of the Venetian exhibition is no doubt formed by the “Flani”: typographical scraps of bits of news...

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Biography 1964

The painting “Il Concilio Ecumenico” is again exhibited at the “Il Punto” Gallery in Turin (the catalogue is introduced by Albino Galvano). At a personal exhibition at the “Ortogono” Gallery in Asti, Gribaudo presents pastels inspired by his recent trip to Mexico. He takes part, for the second time, at the “Premio Ramazzotti” in Milan and at the “Premio Torre Pellice”....

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