EZIO GRIBAUDO AND LUCIO FONTANA – Chronicles of an American Journey 196 Opening Wednesday June 5 2013, 6 pm
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EZIO GRIBAUDO AND LUCIO FONTANA – Chronicles of an American Journey 196 Opening Wednesday June 5 2013, 6 pm


Chronicles of an American Journey 196

Opening Wednesday June 5 2013, 6 pm

Two striking documents retrace the artistic and professional fellowship between Lucio Fontana and Ezio Gribaudo. In the background, the metallic city of New York is the inspiration for new spatial concepts...


In 1961 Lucio Fontana was fascinated by the New York atmosphere. He was there for an exhibition that  contributed to make him famous across the world. New York was a sort of Eliotian Unreal City, a tremendous and mysterious place, where an artist could project his imagination and enhance his style.


For this exhibition Ezio Gribaudo presents his series “Diario di New York,” along with a group of pastels, all of which dated to 1961.  Also on view is one of Lucio Fontana’s historical paintings,Spatial Concept, New York, 1961. Lastly, the film Viaggio a New York, an artistic commentary to their American journey, will also be shown.


More than an invaluable witness to Lucio Fontana’s artistic experience, this film  represents the attempt to  transpose  some of the most important themes from the avant-garde. Akin to many of the cinematographic experiments that were being carried out during that period, the frames  are a figurative stream of consciousness.





Born back into the past


A selection of photographies from Stefano and 

Silvia Lucchini Collection


“New York is a city you must behold not only with your eyes, but also with your heart […] And we see it in ceaseless movement, dynamic in its eternal identity as a grand metropolis, perfect in its buildings, revealing its luminosity despite of being shot in black and white, always the most stirring, meeting point of different people, realities and sentiments.

It is always the New York that has remained impressed in everyone’s heart. Evanescent and intriguing, its arms open to hopeful thoughts, final destination of millions of fugitives. It and it alone is the new scintillating and effervescent Babylon.

In hopes of a better future”.


Stefano Lucchini




Opening through Wednesday June 5, to

Friday July 5 2013


Italian Cultural Institute

686 Park Avenue, New York