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Graham Sutherland – Ezio Gribaudo – Logogrifo

Dear Ezio As I was walking over a great sandy beach the other day, I thought of your ‘white’ graphic experiments. The sun was setting, throwing into relief the rippling undulations made by the movement of the sea, and the traces of bird and human feet. And although here the soft sand is taking an impression, whereas you, I believe, excavate the surface of your material, leaving your images in relief, the effect is almost identical – that of raised or depressed forms on a flat surface – all in one tone – which catch a slanting light. Your forms, I know, do not arrive – as in then case of my sandy beach, by chance; they are sophisticated and deliberate, yet they combine to look as if they had arrived by chance. Yours is a sign language which seems to reach back to ancient civilisations while being rooted in the present. Anyone who has appreciated the beauty of a printer’s ‘matrix’ – that white muold from which the entire pages of type for newspapers is cast, will have some clue – at last – to the beauties of your graphic work – your white on white. Yours sincerely.